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Born in the sunny South Burgenland, life hasn't taken me too far yet - currently Fürstenfeld is my home. As a passionate globetrotter, the fascination for photography has always accompanied me on my journeys and hopefully will take me to many more beautiful places.

I love good food and having the freedom to manage my time. I am extroverted - introverted and always strive to make the people around me feel good so they can relax and let go.

As a hopeful romantic, the love between two people has always fascinated me. Weddings are a kaleidoscope of emotions for me, where fleeting moments are hidden, hard to grasp yet invaluable. I search for these moments and find constant motivation and enthusiasm in their creation. The gift in life is love, our memories fleeting.

Let us immortalize your gift.

I look forward to meeting you!

Hi, I'm Julia

Engagement, Elopement & Weddingphotographer

Everything started with a spur-of-the-moment decision to sign up for the entrance exam at Ortweinschule in Graz and a letter being read to me by my dad over the phone while we were on vacation.

Without knowing what the future held for me, I made the right decision back then and followed my intuition. Today, I accompany weddings, couples, and families on their journeys, capturing moments that become part of their history.

"Pictures gain their value through the fleetingness of time, through the forgetting of moments and faces." - Julia T.

Julia Tukovics

The Person behind all this

My priority is you all!

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